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Stage 3: Localized deployment location technologies testing

The 9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed LLC (“Test Bed LLC”) invites vendors of new or emerging location technologies to participate in the 9-1-1 Location Technologies indoor Test Bed Stage 3 testing. Vendors are invited to test new or emerging location technologies that can enable wireless providers to meet the FCC’s indoor 9-1-1 location accuracy requirements through horizontal and vertical location technologies.

Stage 3 testing is specifically intended for localized or limited deployment technologies. Depending on confidentiality restrictions requested by the vendor, Stage 3 test results may be shared with interested wireless provider and public safety stakeholders. Interested vendors should follow the instructions below and file their application on time.


Schedule Planned Date
Application Instructions Available (please see below) February 28th 2017
Application Questions Due March 15th 2017
Response to Application Questions March 24th 2017
Applications Due Date April 3rd 2017

Application instructions and questions

If you are interested in the Stage 3 testing application instructions, please send an email to the contact person listed below from your company’s email account.

All questions regarding the application instructions, the application or the Stage 3 program should be sent by email to the contact person before March 15, 2017. Please note that all questions and answers will be posted on this site by March 24, 2017.


The scope and nature of testing to be performed will closely follow the assumptions listed below: