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9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed Seeks Vendor Participants for 2019 Stage Za Campaign

The 9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed LLC (Test Bed LLC) invites vendors of new or emerging location technologies to participate in the 9-1-1 Location Technologies indoor test 2019 campaign for Stage Za.

Stage Za (Altitude - Z-axis) – As a next step from the initial Stage Z test conducted in 2018, the Test Bed LLC seeks to evaluate the performance of wide-area location systems that determine the altitude of a 9-1-1 caller. The results of Stage Za will inform wireless providers and public safety stakeholders about solutions that can meet any requirements established by FCC’s forthcoming Z-axis metric.


Field testing of Stage Za campaign may commence early third quarter 2019, but may depend on the number of vendors and complexity of technologies to be tested. All applications will be reviewed by the Test Bed LLC’s Program Manager and Technical Advisory Committee.

Schedule Planned Date
Application questions due March 6, 2019
Response to application questions March 20, 2019
Application due date March 29, 2019
Estimated field test start date: Stage Za July 1, 2019

Application instructions and questions

If you are interested in the Stage Za location accuracy testing application instructions, please send an email to the contact person listed below from your company’s email account.

All questions regarding the application instructions, the application, or the proposed test stages should be sent by email to the contact person before March 6, 2019. Please note that questions and answers may be shared with all applicants.


The scope and nature of testing to be performed will closely follow the assumptions listed below. More details can be found in the application instruction materials.


All inquiries should be directed to the contact person listed below:

Mr. Harish Punjabi
Email: hpunjabi@911locationtestbed.org
Telephone: 202.736.2987
9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed, LLC
1400 16th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

Test Bed LLC – background:

In 2015, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that require the nationwide wireless providers to establish an independently administered and transparent indoor test bed to test and verify that location technologies are capable of meeting the Commission’s new location accuracy requirements for wireless calls to 9-1-1 emergency services. (See paragraphs 121 to 132 of the FCC’s Order). In accordance with the FCC’s Order, the test bed must also be available to vendors of new or emerging location technologies that can demonstrate how those technologies might enable wireless providers to meet the new enhanced location accuracy requirements through improved horizontal location technologies or providing accurate vertical information (e.g., z axis).

At the direction of its member companies, CTIA established the 9-1-1 Location Technologies Test Bed, LLC (Test Bed LLC) as an independent company to administer and operate the indoor Test Bed consistent with the FCC’s rules. The Test Bed LLC selected the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) as the Test Bed program manager. The Test Bed LLC selected a vendor to administer and execute the Test Bed. The Test Bed LLC and Test Bed are modeled on the FCC’s CSRIC III and IV methodologies and recommendations and is established consistent with the Commission’s Order.

Test Bed LLC has also directed the Program Manager and Administrator/Executor to implement the Test Bed consistent with the recommendations of ATIS’ Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF) Emergency Services & Methodologies (ESM) Subcommittee which has and continues to develop the requisite test methodologies through a collaborative multi-stakeholder process.

Wireless providers and vendors of indoor location technologies are encouraged to participate in the Test Bed by periodically visiting this website for important announcements, or by contacting the contact person below to obtain information regarding upcoming events.